Despite the environmental benefits and lower maintenance costs of electric vehicles (EVs), most commercial vehicle operators are still opting for combustion (CVs). The cost of searching and waiting for charging stations winds up slashing revenue and eliminating any cost savings that might have otherwise occurred.

The EKAROS software service allows drivers to book charging spots at convenient, nearby fast-charging stations, reducing search and wait time. Our application reduces wait time to the mandatory break period and increases revenue per employee substantially.

EKAROS is the only electric mobility provider (EMP) that allows two-way communication between all devices. Gathering vehicle data enables predictive scheduling and charge time suggestions. Drivers can easily report broken or blocked charging spots via their mobile devices.
Drivers are able to request charging spots and report blocked stations via smartphone.
Vehicles are equipped with a CAN-Bus hardware including an LTE module. The EKAROS Server can request vehicle data like battery status and location.
Charge points are periodically checked and reservations can be requested by the EKAROS Server.