Our core values sustainability and progression are deeply embedded into our company. We strongly believe in positive change. Based on science, engineering and entrepreneurial business, our knowledge combines deep understanding of three increasingly interlinked sectors: energy, information technology and mobility. By enabling battery electric vehicles to operate more profitable than their fossil fueled counter parts, we are part of the decarbonization. With our Software we are intend to enhance inner city mobility and contribute to a cleaner and more livable planet.


Sebastian Genschow
B.Sc. Biotechnology,
5 years experience in e-mobility e.g. innoZ, Movinga, CleverShuttle
Johannes A.i. Unruh
Technical Lead & Design
M.Sc. & B.Sc. Industrial Engineering, B.Sc. IT-Systems Engineering
Worked at VW (Business), BMW (Logistics), Capgemini (Developer)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie